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    WINDOW_COUNTD for past 3 months

    Vaida Lauzeckas


      Maybe someone could help me as I am hardly suffering that Tableau lack of window_countd function. I know that there is some forum treads explaining how to do running_sum on distinct values, but my problem that I need to do this calculation running on the previous 3 months. My lack of understanding on table calculation hacking does not help me how to solve this:).If you have any suggestions or links to treads which could help me I would be very helpful.

      My situation.


      I have data like this:


      Date&TimeCustomerMore not important columns



      As a result I would like to see:


      MonthCountD(customer) for the past 3 previous months
      2013 Marchdistinct customers between period of 2013.01.01 and 2013.03.31
      2013 Aprildistinct customers between period of 2013.02.01 and 2013.04.30



      I have attached worksheet with simplified sample data. Result I struggle to reach is:

      MonthActive subscriber base 3Months
      2013 January5
      2013 February5
      2013 March6
      2013 April7



      Love Tableau!