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    How do I remove a prefix on a string

    Matt Bechard

      Hi everyone.  I am working with a text string from a list of webpage names and I need help splitting up the field. Simply I am trying to compare page performance and page hits from each environment.


      The field looks like this.  Environment_Category_SubCategory.  I want to create a calculated field base on both category and environment.  I would love it if there was just a way to split the field based on the "_".


      My data looks kinda like this.  These are all located in the pagename field from oracle.  The environment(bolded) name length varies from environment. The page_subpage is separated by an underscore.






      I have figured out a way to easily grab the environment, but I need a way to create the grab the text after the 1st"_".  I don't really care about seprating the subpage page, having both page and subpage together is fine.


      Thanks in advance,