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    Hide/Show a parameter based on other parameter

    Rudra Pratap

      HI Everybody,


          While creating a dashboard I got stuck at a point.

          The problem statement goes like this.

            I have  a parameter having values Weekly,Daily,Monthly.I want to show some views at different levels.

            For Ex. When I check Daily then dashboard should show the data at day level,if Weekly is selected the dashboard will show data at week level and so on.

            But since I am bringing the data for past one year the daily view is bit clumsy.

            So, what I did is that I used another parameter which will further define the range of data.

            For ex. If I will select 7 then the daily view will only show data for past 7 days,if 30 is selected the dashboard will show data for past 30 days and so        on.


           I want the Past N Days parameter to appear only when I select Daily in Selection parameter.I am not sure whether it is possible or not.


            Please find the attached screenshot.


        Thanks & Regards,