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    Data blending with multiple Oracle DB instances, same data structure

    Andrew Yan

      Hi all,


      I've been trying to do data blending on Tableau 8 by merging multiple Oracle data sources which have exactly the same data structure (e.g. 5 databases with the exact same SALES table). I started by adding a 2nd data source. However, I got error complaining that the connections are from tables in the same data source (see below).

      2013-04-29 (blending-error).png

      I saw other posts suggesting to create customs SQL query for data source. However, that may not work for my situation, since my data sources are from different databases and they don't share credentials.


      I know it will work if I build a data warehouse and implement a simple ETL process. But, I'll be letting go of Tableau's powerful real time data extraction capability at the same time.


      Any comment/suggestion?