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    minic excel table layout in tableau using same excel input data files

    Sarah  Zaleski

      UPDATE !  I color coded the first row of data(Availability) by cell value.  Now, I want to add the Latency values for each Service Volume

      just below each availability value.  For each service volume I have 4 data fields(availability,latency,update interval,trans interval) I want to display, all of which are in different excel files...shouldn't matter.  How can I get 4 different fields to display for the same row(service volume)?

      I have not added all the columns from the input sheets yet, just the first two desired rows which would be the

      first two sheets from the excel file(TPM_statistics.xlsx).  The red and green colors will be colored later based

      upon the values in the cells. I made an attempt to color code the cells.  I am not sure this is the best way.  I have included

      files to show wanted output, excel input data files, start of my tableau wb.