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    How can I make a bump chart (showing changes in rank across time) using a blended data calculation?

    Clare Bayley

      I want to build a 'bump chart' showing changes in the sales rank of our categories across time, but my 'sales' number is a calculation from blended data sources. The field isn't even available as an option in the 'Sorting' box under advanced table calc.


      I followed the excellent instructions on item #4 on this page:


      and was able to get bump charts for my two different sales data sources individually. When I try to use the total sales though, the calculated field isn't in the dropdown sorting box, even when I add it to 'details.'


      My two data sources are both MySQL dbs and we don't have any kind of warehouse or staging so I don't have an option to combine them before going into Tableau.


      I can't expose my company data, but I've built a similar situation using the sample Tableau data in the attached packaged workbook. The first two tabs are successful (if messy) bump charts based on state, and the third tab is as far as I can get using a combined sales number. I've linked the coffee and superstore sample data sources on 'Order Date' and 'State.'


      Any advice on getting this to work or ideas for other methods to generate a bump chart would be much appreciated!



      - Clare