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    Anyone seeing Tableau 8 crash on Select Shape Palette?

    Chip Lynch

      We've had two separate installs of Tableau 8 start crashing when, in a worksheet with "Shape" type marks, selecting the "Edit Shape..." dialog from the shape pane, we try to change the selection in the "Select Shape Palette".


      I just wanted to see if anyone else was having similar issues.  We can assign shapes from the default palette with no issue.  Our installs were upgrades from Tableau 8 Beta, but the problems didn't happen immediately -- we've published packages with various shapes prior to the crashing situation.


      We are not using custom shapes.  The crashes are 100% recreate-able, every time, on any worksheet, once they start.


      The SOLUTION we've found is to re-install Tableau 8 (or just select the "Repair" option from the installation).  This solves the problem.


      Still, I wanted to post to see if it was endemic or something we may be doing wrong, or something Tableau may want to open a bug report on.