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    issues renaming a row in the sheet without changing the dimension name.

    ali el-ahmar

      I have posted here last week, I have my dimensions in the left hand of the screen and my visual representation on the right. A table is displayed showing fields I require where I want to change/rename the rows. However I don't want to change the name of the dimension e.g. 'commonDate' is found in my dimension and also displayed in the visual representation where I want to change it to 'Date' but only for the representation not for the dimensions.


      I have attached an image called 'Tableau' where i have right-clicked the dimension and it gives me the option to rename but this is not what i want. I want to change the right hand of the screen where the 'commonDate' is in a table with 'count of external_transactions_id', 'distinct count of player_id' and 'gbpAmount' as i want to rename all of these rows.


      I would really appreciate your help guys as I am a basic and novice user.