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    Accidentally Created Two Filters in One Dashboard for the Same Parameter


      Hi there,


      I'm relatively new to Dashboards in Tableau, so I really appreciate the help!


      I created my first Dashboard and wanted to add a Filter to allow Users to filter Global Data down to their Theater. I followed these instructions step-by-step from this article:




      I was able to set up my filter, but I wanted to change the hyperlinked Theater values to checkboxes.


      To do so I clicked on the arrow icon under my original filter, hovered over Quick Filter and then selected Theater.


      select filter.jpg


      Good news is, the Theater values appear as Checkboxes now in my Dashboard. Bad news is, I'm not sure how to get rid of the Hyperlinked Filter without deleting them both.




      I'd like to remove the Filter with the Hyperlinked Theaters and just have the one with checkboxes - I appreciate your help! I'm using Tableau 7.0.