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    Excel Refresh Problems

    Richard Suvak

      I have a MS Excel .xlsx file with two worksheets, Data1 & Data2.  I use the two sheets to update a Tableau workbook with ~30 charts.  I am unable to refresh the charts associated with Data1 but can refresh the single chart associated with Data2.  Despite each having approximately the same number of rows, refreshing Data1 attempts to extract >20 million rows before quitting (after several hours) with the message that I can only upload 100,000 rows with my public version of Tableau.  Both sheets have been updated recently, adding ~600 rows each.  Both sheets updated fine prior to the new rows.  There are no data errors, new or old, in either worksheet.  The type and format of data by column is identical.


      The first sheet (Data1) contains 16 columns and ~6,000 rows.

      The second sheet (Data2) contains 16 columns and slightly more than 6,000 rows.


      Any thoughts?