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    hide a dimension but keep ranking?


      I have a report that is run for 21 different locations. The report consists of the same stats and data for each location.  I want to create a dashboard for each location in Tableau in the same Tableau workbook. The problem I'm running into is that when I filter the dasboard data to be specific to that particular program (or dimension), all of the other dashboards and sheets are filtered for that program as well.  Currently I have 3 different Tableau workbooks, each maxed out to what the Tableau memory would allow.  I would like to combine this all into one workbook. 


      I posted this previously and a solution was presented to put the program on the pages shelf.  This worked very well except for one stat that I am pulling in.


      One of the stats that I am pulling into the dashboards is top 3 referral sources for each program.  I am using index restarting every program in order to get the ranking.  My problem is that when I put the program on the pages shelf it shows the correct data for that program, but it also keeps all of the other locations but with no data.  If I remove the Programs pill from the rows I get a ranking, but it's not right.  Is there a way to hide these other programs but keep the correct ranking by program so that I can correctly show this on the dashboard?  Or any other suggestions on how I might get this to work for multiple dashboards in the same workbook?


      Thank you for any assistance.


      I can't post the workbook due to confidentiality.  Here is a printscreen of the data I'm trying to filter on the dashboard:Printscreen.png