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    Parameters as columns


      Hi All,


      Attached is screen shot from tableau.


      I have 2 parametrized query parameter dropdowns. Now I want to display the selections as 2 columns next to date.


      So the column order needs to be Date | ISQLParam | QLParam


      Also I want additional 4th column that sums up each row value and displays as sum




      ISQLParam | QLParam | Sum

      200 | 300 | 500



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          Alex Kerin

          Do you have multiple rows per date? If you do, do you want the sum of all of the parameter values for every row for that date?


          You can create a calculated field that is simply your parameter, then drag that over.


          You can also create one that sums these together.

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            Hi Alex,




            I have 2 parameters and I have created 2 calculated fields with the parameter. When I drag on calculated field on column it displays data fine but on adding 2nd parameter to column it does not display data for that column and is not aligned as desired. Also we have only one row per day.


            Also attaching the same data available in excel.I want the report same as in the excel.


            Have also attached a sample workbook.