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    How can I do to exclude multiple values in a filter

    Carol Montenegro



      I have a little problem, I want to use an email field as a filter but I need to exclude some values for that filter. For example I don't want emails that contains @hotmail or @yahoo or @.com and so on. I tried to use the WildCard option but I don't know how to exclude multiples values.

      Can some one help me? please please

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          Joshua Milligan



          Do you need to expose this as a quick filter so the end-user can dynamically change what is excluded?  Or do you simply always want to exclude a certain set of values?


          If the later, then the solution is relatively simple.  Create a calculated field called [Email Filter] with code like this:


          Contains([Email], '@hotmail')


          Contains([Email], '@yahoo')


          Contains([Email], '@.com')


          Then place it on the Filters shelf and select "True" so those get filtered out.  (You may want to adjust the code to take string case into account as needed).


          Hopefully, that gets you what you want.  If not, I'd be happy to think through some alternatives.