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    Top 1 Filter Not Working in T8

    Zachary Fraile



      I am trying to use the Top 1 filter on a date field but am not getting any results in the view.  No other conditions are being applied, nor are there any other filters in the view.  A stripped-down sample of what I'm trying to accomplish is attached.


      If you look at the TOP 2 - WORKS view, I have selected 2 in my Top filter and it works as expected.  The dates in the columns shelf prove that 4/24 is the max date in the data set and that 4/23 and 4/24 are indeed the top 2 dates.


      However, the TOP 1 - ERROR view is blank.  The only difference is that I changed the top filter to a 1.  I would expect that only data for 4/24 would show up in the view.  I don't understand why this is not the case.


      This was originally a Tableau 7 report that I ported over to 8.  This exact same filter was working correctly in Tableau 7.


      Any ideas?