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    Action URL

    Karl Jensen

      I have a report dashboard where they select providers from a worksheet and it updates other worksheets on the dashboard.  This works great using actions.   The user can select multiple providers and each the providers will pass in the action.  What I would like to be able to do is have another "link" that the user can select that would push the providers chosen into a URL for an external application. 


      I have figured out how to create an action from a worksheet that will pass one of the providers chosen, but how to pass all of them.  Any Thoughts?


      Attached is a REALLY rough idea.  I just want to pass ALL the physicians.




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          Hi Peter,


          I added an extra column for websites in case you are referencing different websites for each row.
          If the names are URL parameters of the same website, you only need to add them as parameters to the URL Action.


          I added the column <Website> to the detail mark card.
          Thereafter I modified your hyperlink URL action to refer to <Website>:

          Action URL thread 125598.png

          Hope this helps.



          PS! I wondered if an alternative could be to embed a web page on the dashboard, but seemingly it is currently not possible to change the target dynamically. This is confirmed by the  Dashboard URL Action Enhancement idea.

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            Karl Jensen

            This is the right idea, but not exactly what I am looking for.  What I want to do is choose x providers and has all three pass as parameters in the URL.  Something like:



            www.website.com&p_ParamName=<Providers>   where <Providers> are the x providers chosen



            I just need to pass all the selected providers into the URL.

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              Karl Jensen

              I think I may have figured this out.... The key seems to be not using the "Select" action but the "Menu" action.  Then when the user multiselects the providers, the tooltip allows you to use the action for all records selected.  Another key thing is to make sure you have the "Allow Multiple Values" option selected.


              Edit URL Action.jpghyperlink.jpg

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                Thanks for sharing. This is useful to know for me too.

                Ps. Remember to mark your answer as the correct answer (yes, it is allowed)