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    scatter plot quadrant count

    Patrick Lee

      trying to find an easy way to display the number of marks in each quadrant of a scatter plot graph.  Since i can filter and change the selection i woudl like it to update based on how i filter the dashboard. 


      was trying to use annotation in each quadrant of the visualization and put a calculation that would do the count but havn't been able to get this to work.  I've attached a sample workbook with a report like i'm working with just looking for some ideas as an easy way to get the count.


      what i've resulted to doing is do filters on the measures for each quadrant and then look at the bottom of tablea desktop that gives me the total number of marks.  It's painful when you have to do it so many times and doesn't work when you are trying to make a dashboard for people to play with.

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          Alex Kerin

          I only have 8.0, but here's what I did. Create a calc that shows the quadrant:


          if sum([profit%])>0 then  "Upper " elseif sum([profit%])<0 then "Lower " else "Center "end

          +  if sum([sales growth %])>0 then "Right" elseif sum([sales growth %])<0 then "Left" else "Center" end


          Drag it to level of detail.


          Then a count table calc:




          Drag this to detail and set the advanced partitioning:




          Then the secret sauce, right click the [Which Quad] calc and uncheck "Ignore in Table Calcs". Now the count is partitioned on the [which quad] dimension.


          I added both the count and name of the quad to the label shelf (in 7 you may want to do just the count). Then set label marks to never show, and select just one mark per quadrant to show the label: