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    Authorize PowerPoint access to tableau server

    Peter Juel Jensen

      Hi - I face problems when embedding pictures in PowerPoint (and other office applications) – but only on our own server, not when using Tableau public.


      The picture is found by adding .png to the sheetname like this and embedded in PowerPoint as an ordinary image: http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/digitalmusic/digitalmusic.png


      When using the link above everything works perfect, but when I use the same procedure on our own installation I get this error "An error occurred while importing this file".


      I guess the problems are caused by PowerPoint not having the same access rights as myself. E.g. I am allowed to see the picture through the browser, but PowerPoint do not have the same authorization. We use Active Directory to manage access to the server.


      Anyway we can allow PowerPoint to access the dashboards?


      Thanks for your help!