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    Want to show dates of customers first order

    Ben Shirley



      So to have a list of about 50 Customers, i supply about 50 items a month to each and each item is a single line, over 3 years i am about 20K in lines.. FUN.. I have added new customers to this list and its staked with dates and info. What i want to create is a CALC FIELD that shows the Month/Year of first ever delivery, then i can use it to do things like filter new customers for 2013, Q1 or 2012 Q4 etc


      Data i have in Excel (Already Linked)


      Customer Name, Order Received,  Licence Start Date, Global Region, Shipped Date, Status (Pending, Active, Delivered)


      What i want to show:


                   Date Joined     Region

      CUST A  01/12             West EU

      CUST B  05/12             Asia

      CUST C  02/13             Middle East

      CUST D  04/13             Central EU


      Then i think/hope from this I can show things like, in 2012 i had these Customers, in 2013 we had x no. more customers, showing a growth of 2 a month.


      I am as new as it gets to Tableau so please, if you have the time, baby steps and explain what the tags and stuff mean,

      Thank you to anyone who helps.