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    All values on my sheet display as "Abc"

    Joe Elizondo

      I'm running Tableau 8.0 Desktop. I've created a basic text table with a single column of "Measure Names" and a single row with names of websites. The "Measure Values" I'm using are all calculated fields. The problem I'm having is that my dashboard is displaying all of the measure values as "Abc". I know my calculated fields are working because the values show up correctly in the tool tip. They're just not being displayed on my sheet. Does anyone have any insight as to why this might be happening?






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          Ross Bunker

          Hi Joe,

          Sorry this is confusing. The new behavior is due to how 8.0 supports multiple fields using the same encoding and will take a little getting used to.

          The problem is that the 'Measure Values' field isn't being encoded as text.  You can tell because the space to the left of it is blank.  If you drag the 'Measure Values' field to the 'Text' drop spot, just above and drop it there, a little icon will appear next to it, and you will get the behavior you are looking for.

          You can also click on the space just to the left of 'Measure Values' (right below the 'Detail' drop spot/button) and change it to encode as text.


          As a further bit of information, you don't need to have all your measures in both the marks card and the Measure Values card (though i suspect you put them there because you weren't seeing what you wanted to see in your viz).


          Hope this helps.


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