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    Tableau Server Project Permissions



      I have a few questions regarding tableau server. Please help me out in finding the solution:


      1) Tab Admin can assign licence level to a user/group. Lets say he assigns User A as "viewer" and User B as "interactor".


      a) My question here is when any user has been assigned that licence level, then in the permissions page under role would User A be set as viewer with limited options abled and User B as interactor with all the possible options.


      b) and can the publisher change the User B as viewer and assigns him limited permissions.


      I am little bit confused with licence level and permissions you set while publishing.




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          Matt Lutton

          If I understand your question correctly, I would respond by saying that the user permissions can be changed for each project by the admin.  Is that what you're asking?  I haven't messed around with this a lot yet, but my understanding is that permissions are granted at the project level, so users/groups can have different permissions for each project.  Not sure if that is what you're looking for.  They may be set as a viewer/interactor by default, but this can be changed--whether the publisher can change it would depend on their permissions, I'd think.

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            Toby Erkson

            Good question, Sid.  Deep instruction on permissions and other security is lacking in the documentation.  The reading is okay for high level, low security businesses.  Further details and EXAMPLES are needed in the documentation for Server and Desktop.

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