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    Want to show KPI's Performance using shapes(arrow) to compare current week to previous week in date range

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      I need to show the Up an Down arrow for Spend_vPlan where the arrows would denote Current week Spend_VPlan - Previous week spend_vPlan.
      the arrows would show Up or down for the diffference.(i.e. if spend_vPlan is more than the previous week then it will be UP arrow with green color and if spend_vPlan is less than the previous week then it will be down arrow with orange color.)


      The arrows should change(move Up and Down) with selection of Week_Of filter and Client _Group filter.

      Am trying to acheive the same for all the below Tabs

      1. Spends Vs Plan
      2. Leads Vs goal
      3. CPQl vs Goal
      4. CPR Vs LW
      5. Conv % Vs LW

      I've used

      (ZN(SUM([Spend_vPlan])) - LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Spend_vPlan])), -1)) / ABS(LOOKUP(ZN(SUM([Spend_vPlan])), -1)) formula
      to calculate current week - previous.

      But could not get just one single arrow for each KPI to show the difference in the given date range .


      I have attched sample data and an image of what am trying to achieve.


      Any Help would be greatly appreciated.