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    Limits on *.twbx data size???

    g saama

      Is there a limit on data that can be stored in *.twbx. For ex. Is it possible to have more then let's say 1 TB of data within a *.twbx and if there are any tips please do share.


      Some of the *.twbx we are creating will be used for OFFLINE and will have Gigs and gigs of data.

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          Joshua Milligan

          g saama,


          The only limit I am aware of is a 2 to 4 GB file size limit imposed by a 32-bit Windows OS.  If you are running on a 64-bit OS, then you shouldn't reach any limit.




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            g saama

            Thanks for the reply Joshua. I am aware of the 32bit 4 GB size imposed on ram and also that in 64 bit we can have more then 4 gigs of ram. But my question is the File size of Twbx. So if I understand this correctly are you saying that if I have more then 15 gigs of data in my twbx file and try to run that on viewer it will require more then 4 gigs of ram. I am little confused.

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              Joshua Milligan

              Hmmm... I'm not sure what the requirements for the RAM would be.  I'm not aware of any requirement such as 15GB would require 4GB RAM.  Obviously, if you're dealing with that much or more data, then the more RAM the better.

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                g saama

                So overall conclusion there is no set limit on the size of .twbx Package it can store as much data as you want. Am I right?

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                  Russell Christopher

                  Hey There!


                  There is no maximum file size for a Tableau extract (beyond the maximum file size imposed by the file system of the OS  (FAT/NTFS)).


                  A Tableau extract is limited to ~4.1 billion unique values per column. Do the math (4.1B x 4.1B x 4.1B) and you can get a feel for how many rows you could store.


                  That being said, an extract / twbx is not a replacement for a big DW - I wouldn't even consider loading a Terabyte of data into an extract, even though I might be able to. Generally, people load these with less than 500 Million rows of data. I  also see extracts with a billion+ rows fairly regularly.


                  Hope this helps.