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    I cannot seem to find the original extract filters to modify them.

    Matthew Hughes

      Sorry if this is already in the discussions somewhere but a few hours of scouring has turned up nothing helpful.


      I am connecting to several live Oracle tables through joins and then creating an extract after modifying the field names and hiding unnecessary fields.  When I initially created the extract I filtered by date ranges to limit the return so I could play with it to make sure it was exactly the correct join (still returned a few million rows for the year).  Now I am confident with the data as a usable source but need all the data in the tables.  When I go to edit data source filters, nothing shows, and when I refresh nothing prior to the original date filter is pulled in.  I really do not want to start fresh because it took about 8 hours to locate and rename all the fields and make other modifications.


      *I also tried running it through server to schedule the extract and could not get around that original extract filter either. 

      *I did not use incremental refresh or date aggregation on the initial extract.


      Thank you in advance.