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    Tableau Beta Forever!

    Shawn Wallwork

      If you're reading this you've most likely participated in one of Tableau's Beta programs (or you're a very curious Newbie). Most of the dedicated Tableau users sign-up for, and actively participate in, Tableau's beta program each year. This program usually starts mid-to-late summer, in time to prepare for the Tableau Fall Conference, which usually introduces the next version of Tableau.


      As with any Beta program, they want to find bugs and get user feedback regarding their planned enhancements/changes. This is a great time. In fact this is my favorite time. Why? Because Tableau is listening; truly listening. Yeah, I know they always say they are listening on the forums. I know that they promote the idea that all (some) of the Devs are always lurking. But during the Beta season, not only are they listening, they are responding! They are asking questions; they want clarifications. They are ACTIVELY listening, and more importantly, RESPONDING.


      I wish Tableau's Beta season was forever, or at least year-round.