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    Renaming dimensions in Tableau View

    Manon V

      I am trying to rename my dimension in Tableau view and not renaming the dimension itself.  I know I could duplicate my dimension and rename it but seems silly that this would be the only way.


      Any advice?



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          Joshua Milligan



          Normally, to rename a the field name of a dimension you can right click the field in the data window and select "Rename".  To rename the field values, you can assign aliases (right click the field, select "Default Properties" -- "Aliases").


          However, if you are using a data connection published to Tableau Server, you will not be able to rename the fields.  In that case, you'll either

          1. Create a local copy of the connection, rename fields as desired, then optionally republish to Tableau Server.


          2. Create a copy of the fields, as you indicated above.


          Hope that helps!