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    Annotations from Excel

    Randy Ram

      Hey guys,


      I have a sheet that has a graph on it and I want to provide annotations for this sheet using an external Excel sheet. I have 2 questions with regard to this:


      1. How do you go about basing annotations from an Excel Column? The particular Excel column I'm using is called "Description" and would provide the text for the annotation.


      2. Different rows in the Excel sheet has the same date but differ in other criteria (e.g Service Affected). When I add the "Description" to "Level of Detail" in Tableau, it appears in the tooltip but with an asterisk (*). I know this is because there is more than one field with the same date in Excel. I figured I could drag in "Service Affected" into a filter to only have the rows that have that particular "Date" AND "Service Affected". When I do this, my entire graph disappears. I think this is because there is no corresponding "Service Affected" field in my original data source. So my question, is there any way of annotating this date on the graph using on a specific row from an Excel sheet? In this case, "Date" and "Service Affected" would form a unique combination but the problem I'm having is that "Service Affected" isn't in the original data source.


      Thanks for any help.