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    Filter only minimum records based on time and customer

    Joseph Lantis

      I have set up a view where I have mapped out station locations and I am counting the unique number of attendees who visited each station.  I am trying to get a filter on this view which counts only the first station visited by each attendee.  I want to only count attendee num 1000 and 1254 for station 12


      Station Map.png

      Attendee NumStation Read Date_Time
      Station NumStation Name
      10002012-11-27 14:52:0012MR1
      10002012-11-27 15:45:00110CT1
      10002012-11-28 10:23:0014MR3
      12542012-11-26 08:45:0012MR1
      12542012-11-28 16:34:00112ZA1