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    Conditionally format colour of Bar Chart based on another measure

    Colin Macguire

      Good morning,


      I have two measures that I need to display on a bar graph. The one measure being displayed as a bar (which is the actual value), & the other being displayed as a line over time (which is a target that the actual measure is measured against). What I need to do is change the colour of the bar graph if it's value is less than ( < ) the value of the other measure. I basically want an easily visualized way of showing whether or not a value is above or below a target. This would be similar to what can be done in MS Excel in terms of conditionally formatting a cell based on a value or on another cell.


      I am currently using another tool that can do this quite easily using alerts (the chart is based off of a pivot table) & wanted to see if this can be done in Tableau. Attached is the screenshot of what it looks like in my current tool.


      Looking forward to hearing from you.