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    Reshaping data for tableau 8, or is there an alternative?

    David Frank

      Say I have a csv file with following data format:


          ID, Name, Gender, Q1

          1, ABC, Male, "A1;A2"

          2, ACB, Male, "A2;A3;A4"

          3, BAC, Female, "A1"


      I would like to transform it into following format so that tableau public can process it properly (per suggestion here):


          ID, Name, Gender, Questions, Responses

          1, ABC, Male, Q1, A1

          1, ABC, Male, Q1, A2

          2, ACB, Male, Q1, A2

          2, ACB, Male, Q1, A3

          2, ACB, Male, Q1, A4

          3, BAC, Female, Q1, A1


      Using Text-to-Columns feature in LibreOffice I can easily separate Q1 column into different columns, but I am stuck after that.


      Does Tableau 8 now has better way to count field with multiple value(s) in it? I would like group on A1/A2/A3 etc., but as far as I can tell, a row cannot be in multiple groups (using IF/ELSIF suffer the same problem).


      Additional Info:


      • In the real data I have more than 3 responses to 1 question, and there are multiple questions to deal with. So I am looking for a way to repeatly split column(s) & add row(s); or see if Tableau 8 offer formula beyond FIND/LEFT/MID/RIGHT.
      • Data is collected via Google form, unfortunately google store multiple choice question responses in such format, not much I can do on data collection.
      • In the past I use MS Excel with tableau add-in, which works under most scenario; but now we have moved on to use LibreOffice instead...