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    Monthly calculated text label based on monthly sales

    Nreependra Subba

      I have customer level monthly sales data and I need a Flag based on the level of sales for each customer.


      Flags example:

      >$250 as "High Value"

      >$100- $250 as "Medium Value"

      >0-$100 as "Low Value"


      Rolling 3 months salesFlag
      Customer ID
      Mar '12Apr '12May '12Mar '12
      Apr '12
      May '12
      11005025Medium valueLow valueLow value
      2300230175High valueMedium valueMedium value
      35075120Low valueLow valueMedium value


      I created the rolling 3 months sales and the customer flags, but I am not able to place the monthly flags as in the example above


      Please advice