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    Printing based on pages shelf

    Natalia Alvarez

      Hello! Looking at http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/tips-printing-and-print-pdf I tried printing a single view to PDF, getting one sheet per value on the dimension in the pages shelf however I was unable to do so, always getting the sheet as is shown on the web (this happens both when printing from Server and from Desktop). I'm working with Tableau V8.


      As far as I can see, I didn't miss anything, so I was hoping someone here could show me how it should be done =(


      I'm attaching screenshots for both the Page Setup and the export steps. Let me know if you would like me to upload something else. (I'm using data based on the Sales example dataset, so it's ok to upload it).


      Thank you!



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          Shawn Wallwork



          This is one of those times when Joe Mako is soooo right: precision of terminology is critical. Tableau uses the term "page(s)" in two very different ways. 1) Pages in how they print a document and, 2) Page(s) in how a Tableau animations is created.


          As you've discovered the documentation describing printing pages has nothing to do with how the pages (animation) shelf works. Sorry to say.


          Hope this helps,



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            Natalia Alvarez

            Thank you, shawnwallwork. Would there be any way for me to print the same view for while changing the value of the dimension, or is my only option to do so through a script with tabcmd get and sending parameters?

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              Shawn Wallwork

              I don't believe you can "print" the view; but you can either export or screen capture each view of each page on the page shelf. Does this help?



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                Joe Mako

                When printing or exporting to PDF a worksheet in Tableau Desktop that makes use of the Pages Shelf, and configuring the Page Setup dialog to Show all pages for the Pages Shelf on the General tab, you should get a separate page for each Pages Shelf value. The attached PDF was made this way.


                When using a published view from Tableau Server that makes use of the Pages Shelf, the Export to PDF does not have the same feature Desktop has, there is no option to export each Pages Shelf value as a separate page.


                I do not know why Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server do not have the same export features.


                I would recommend adding a request to the Ideas section of this community to the effect of "Pages Shelf 'Show all pages' option for Export to PDF in Tableau Server"

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                  Cristian Vasile



                  you could try a more complicated route, but having more control, exporting the views as .png with custom size using :size parameter like .png?:size=x,y

                  For more details and example about :size please read here

                  • specifying image size for tabcmd export PNG?



                  After you manage to create the reports as .png on disk, then you could convert them to .pdf and then send by email to users. I would recommend sam2p command line utility



                  An excellent pdf command line processing utility could be find here:



                  I hope this helps.




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                    Natalia Alvarez

                    Thank you all for your answers! I will be trying out Cristian's suggestion, probably exporting directly through tabcmd and just combining them with the tool you posted. Will let you know the results.

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                      Cristian Vasile



                      Please let me know if you face any issue.



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                        Jason Caulk

                        How is it then that the test workbook that was published in this "how to" does exactly what we're looking for... (link below)


                        Pages Shelf in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server | Tableau Software


                        This is from the "how to" -- "Further, when you publish the workbook to Tableau Server or Tableau Public, the page setup options are respected in the Server view. When you choose to output to PDF - as in the embedded example shown below - the resulting PDF includes all 17 pages, even though the embedded view itself shows only one page at a time."


                        In the workbook that is published there, a viewer is able to select "export to PDF" and all 17 pages come through on the PDF.  As a test, I downloaded that workbook, and republished it to our Server, opened it off of our server, and when trying to export to PDF, I only get 1 page. 


                        I'm clearly missing something...  any thoughts / suggestions?




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                          Stephen Ruimveld

                          I went through several threads and figured this out. 


                          You are able to export multiple pages from a published workbook view.

                          The key is you MUST setup the print options for the view correctly before publishing.

                          1) Open you workbook in Tableau Desktop.

                          2) Go to the view that has the page shelf.

                          3) Select File -> Page Setup

                          4) On the general tab, in the Pages Shelf section, select option "Show all Pages" and select OK

                          5) Now save the workbook

                          6) publish to the server.

                          7) Open the view from you servers webpage

                          8) Select Export->PDF

                          9) An Export PDF menu appears

                          10) Click Export button

                          11) The downloaded PDF should have all the pages.

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                            Bob Beideck

                            This would be nice, especially if I can have interaction with filters.

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                              Jonathan Basirico



                              Thanks for this answer, very helpful. Do you know if it is possible to do this with Dashboards and synchronized Pages animations as well? I have a workbook that has a dashboard with several worksheets that are synchronized using pages and I would like to print them all to a pdf without doing it one at a time...