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    Color grading sorting in reverse order

    Kevin Footer



      I have a Tree Map where I am attempting to use the color grading feature in v8.  I have a parameter titled Section that the user can choose the primary sections the tree map is divided against which also determines my primary or base colors (in my example Red, Green, Blue, and Orange).  Each box represents a subcategory.  The size of my boxes are dictated by a parameter currently selected as the Amount.  The color (grading) is determined by another parameter, currently the count.


      When I use the color grading Tableau automatically shades them in the order they appear in the data (ascending).  I am looking to have this flip so the higher counts are darker colors, not lighter colors as the default.  Because it is dynamic using the parameters, all of the things I have tired have not worked.


      How can I get the grading to change order?