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    Relative date with multi-year comparison?  (cube)

    David Elliott

      Hello all,


      I'm trying to come up with a view that lets me look at our performance for the last N periods, comparing our performance this year to our performance last year.  For example, I'd like to see the last 12 weeks' worth of gross sales, compared to the same 12-week period from last year.  This style of year-over-year comparison is typical in our KPI definitions, and I am having trouble getting it right; I can either get "display selected periods year-over-year", or "use relative dates", but not both at the same time.  (Which makes sense, since a relative date of "the last 12 weeks" clearly does not include weeks from a year ago; but I don't know how to slice things to make it possible.)


      To make matters more interesting, I am using an MSAS cube as my data source, which apparently eliminates my ability to manipulate the data dimensions in Tableau.


      I do have access to modify the cube itself if there is a particular structure necessary to enable this sort of thing, but as I am relatively new to both Tableau and MSAS, whatever extra pointers or details you can provide would be greatly appreciated.