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    Filter on [calculated field] BY ATTRIBUTE not showing as an option

    Josephine Ho

      I have a workbook saved on my desktop that I can also access with my laptop through VPN connection.


      I have a calculated field called "CLUSTER FILTER" that I use as a parameter filter - it's the basic:


      IF[Cluster Parameter]="All Schools" THEN 'True'

      ELSEIF [Cluster Parameter]=[Cluster 1] THEN 'True'

      ELSEIF [Cluster Parameter]=[Cluster 2] THEN 'True'

      ELSEIF [Cluster Parameter]=[Cluster 3] THEN 'True'

      ELSEIF [School]=[Cluster Parameter] THEN 'True'

      ELSE 'False'



      When I am working on my laptop, I'm able to drag this field to the filters box and the option to filter on ATTRIBUTE shows up. However, when I open this workbook from my desktop, it only allows me to filter on COUNT and COUNT DISTINCT (refer to attached screenshots).


      I need to filter this field BY ATTRIBUTE but this option doesn't show up when I'm using my desktop - can anyone help?