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    Subscriptions - subscribe with "Remember my changes" in effect, Allow/Deny control for subscription

    Mark Holtz

      We finally rolled onto Tableau Server 8. Now, our users have the lovely ability to subscribe to views/dashboards!


      A couple questions:

      1) Subscriptions seem to send out the version of the view as it is published to the server. Can users subscribe to a view with filters applied a la "remember my changes"? In our situation, we publish all of our Enterprise-wide data for certain views. We have client service managers who are only interested in filtering the view for their client. So, they will set the view to filter on their client.  But in testing the subscription feature, I can't figure out how to get the view emailed via the subscription engine to render the data for anything other than the "original state" of Enterprise-wide data.


      2) Is there a way to enable/disable the subscription feature on a workbook by workbook basis (by users/groups) when publishing to server? We can Allow/Deny/Inherit Web editing, Add Comment, View Comments, Export Image, etc. but I don't see an option to control the subscription capability of the workbook. It appears all the workbooks in Server are either subscription-enabled or subscription-not-enabled based on how you set up Server. Can anyone confirm?