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    Calculation Rollup to Error instead of 0

    Bryce McDonnell

      I have data like this:


      # of things


      I have a parameter that will filter by year or display a sum of all time.


      When I sum all time, the sum of "# of things" rolls up to 100. It sums 2011 and 2012 as 0. Instead, I'd like to have it display an error.


      I've tried several different approaches of a calculated field but none have worked. The result needs to be a continuous measure or an error. This feels like a fairly straightforward function but I can't find it. Any help is appreciated.





      Some attempts at calculated fields:


      IF ZN([# of things]) == 0

      THEN "ERROR"

      ELSE [# of things]


      # fails because return values are not same type


      IF ZN([# of things]) == 0

      THEN "ERROR"

      ELSE STR([# of things])


      # fails because not continuous measure