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    measure names filter will not apply to all worksheets


      Hi, I've never had a problem like this.  I'm using Tableau 8, have a fairly standard dashboard with a plot showing data by year and numbers of things (classes) and a filter to let you switch between hours of classes, number of participants, no show count and number of days classes are presented per month.  That filter comes from measure names and I have it set for single list.  A second plot is a pi chart with no breakdown by time, it simply sums the overall courses by name. 


      The filters for instructor name, and date both allow me to use the "apply to al worksheets"   but no matter what I try the Measure names does not even offer a choice to apply to all worksheets.  I have to have both identical measure names filters on teh dashboard to change the plots.  I took the plots from the same data set, same base filter groups and same data but I can't get the measure names filter to have the option to go across all of the plots on that dashboard.


      Am I overlooking somethign?