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    Segregating page values

    John Bencina

      I have a worksheet structured as follows:

      • One product category per row
      • Week day across
      • Weekly moving average plotted on a line chart


      I placed Region (North, South, East, West) into pages so I can print one region per page. The issue is with the chart axis values. Sales in East region are much higher than sales in the other three. So what happens is that the charts for ALL regions are based off the scaling for the East. Therefore the lines look flat in the other three.


      I've set "use independent axis ranges", but it seems this does not apply to Pages. Tableau is determining the axis values as if all four regions were on the same sheet. Is there a work around for this?

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          John Bencina

          Is anyone aware if this is possible?

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            Joshua Milligan



            I don't have a great answer.  Some thoughts:

            1. A separate (duplicate) worksheet for each region.

            2. Moving Region from Page to the Rows so you get a Row Header for each Region.  You can optionally hide the header.  Use the indpendent scale option you mentioned.  Then increase the cell height (click on a white area in the chart and press CTL + Up Arrow) until it is large enough to force a page break on printing.


            Obviously these both have some fairly significant drawbacks.


            One other thought:

            3. If you are using Tableau Server, you could use TABCMD to get a pdf or image of each separate region.


            Maybe others will have some thoughts too.