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    Creating single calculated value per state?

    John Bencina

      Trying to wrap my mind around this problem

      • I have a workbook which has 50 rows down (one for each state)
      • I'm filtering for the trailing 4 weeks of data
      • I want to show last week performance vs 4wk average such that my table is 2 columns (AL +3%, AR -6%, AZ +2%) and so on.


      I'm new to Tableau, so from my current understanding, Tableau cannot see the data unless its part of the table. Therefore what I would have to do is:

      • Make the table 50 rows down for each state
      • Put the date into columns such that there are four across
      • Create a calculation which works table (across)
      • Hide the first three columns


      Now I can do these above steps successfully, but is that the best way to accomplish this? If I update with new data, will I have to manually hide/unhide the next week? Is there a way to automate that?


      The goal is to have a single US State Map which shows this single percentage value.