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    Why twbx becomes to zip when downloaded?

    Jason Back



      Our company has an intranet (sharepoint platform) where I upload data extracted twbx files on line for others to download and use it with reader.


      When I test it on my computer it's fine for me to download and use it with leader.  But when I checked at home with my personal computer, when the file is downloaded it is zip file instead of twbx.  I figured out that if I change the extension to .twbx but why is this happening?




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          +1  We have the same issue with IE when downloading from SharePoint 2010.  Seems to be okay in Chrome, FF, Safari.  Once downloaded to desktop, it's recognized as a twbx.


          Any resolution?

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Jason, twbx files are actually zip files. Tableau just gives them a 'special' extension. You can open/extract a twbx file with any zip utility. Your home computer is recognizing the twbx file as the zip file it is; that extension has been associated with your zip utility (or sharepoint is changing the file extension to 'zip' because it recognizes what the file really is). I don't use sharepoint so I don't have any suggestions on how to smooth out this friction. Just wanted to let you know what's probably going on.