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    Filled map - data layers obscuring map labels

    Stan Bush

      Is there a way to bring the labels for County Names and Place Names to the front of the map image?


      As data gets added, the data layers seem to get added OVER the map labels.


      Here's some pics to explain it:


      No data for "Southbury":



      Data now obscures Southbury label:



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          Allan Walker

          Hi Stan,


          This is possible.  Here is an example:




          What you are seeing here is OpenStreetMap, being rendered from a WMS server, with a dual-axis and multiple marks; showing UK regions "Scottish Borders" and "Perth and Kinross".  The Ordnance Survey Shapefile was brought in using Richard Leeke's "shapetotab" tool. If you like, you could upvote my idea, "crowd sourced WMS server".