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    Color Shelf


      I am experimenting with some of the new features in Tableau 8, and I am having a little difficulty working with the color shelf.  It is my understanding that now you can have multiple layers in color to help display your information.


      What I did was connect to the Superstore Sales example database, created a map of the states, and did some visual grouping to create my own regions. What I then want to do is have those regions shaded differently based on my profits in each state.  Dark to light by region showing my most/least profitable states for each region.  


      However I am noticing I can only pull a second layer onto the color shelf if both layers are dimensions.  I can't pull a measure on top of a dimension, or it just replaces that dimension.  In other words, if I pull profit onto the color shelf (holding shift) and drop it, all that happens is profit replaces my region coloring.


      Am I doing anything wrong or is that just the way things are supposed to work?