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    Need help creating a calculated field using two data sources (excel)

    Laurie Graham

      I need some super crazy jedi master help


      On the "All Status Hourly Detail" tab, there is a row in the "Status" column that I'm trying to work with. It's called "Available" on this row you'll see  a number for each hour of the day, that's the quantity of equipment in a status of "Available".  (I have a filter on this tab for the different equipment groups I'm working with.)


      All I want to do is subtract the quantity shown in the "Qty Needed for Supermarkets at Max" field on the "Inventory Summary" tab FROM the quantity shown in the "Available" field of the "All Status Hourly Detail" tab - I want to show the result as a field called "Available Inv After Stocking Supermarkets" on the "Inventory Summary" tab so that I have a result showing for each hour of the day.


      I've tried joining the data sources and blending with no luck - my head hurts from beating it against the wall so I figured it was time to ask someone with a bigger brain... Help?