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    Filter IF Calculation

    Allison Suarez

      I am looking at serial numbers and associated cases that were created against a serial number.  What I want to see is all S/N's that have more that one case created against it within 20 days.  The furthest I got was I can distinguish which S/N's have more that one case but I can't use that calculation as a filter.

      To add another layer of confusion, I want to also look at a reported issue.  So I want the SN and the Reported Issue to be the same, all within 20 days.


      IF (COUNTD([SERVICE_REQUEST_ID])) >1 THEN 'Multiple' else 'Single' END


      Has anyone accomplished this or have any ideas?



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          Shawn Wallwork

          Sounds like a Joe problem; actually a Joe teaching moment. A sample workbook is even attached. [Allie, always a good thing to do.]



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            Joe Mako

            How about something like the attached?


            The situation you have here an interesting one, and there are a variety of routes to accomplish what you are looking for. There are other routes that would enable greater analysis on this line of questioning, depending on your constraints, and desired interactions.


            As for why could you not place a pill for this calculated field on the filter shelf, that is because the pill type is a Discrete Measure (a blue pill that is performing an aggregation). You could wrap the formula in a function like LOOKUP(<expression>,0) to turn it into a table calculation, enabling it to be on the filter shelf, but that is not efficient in computation for your situation. There a great many factors to Tableau, please get in touch if you would like to discuss in more detail.

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              Allison Suarez

              Thanks, that gets me to the halfway point.  The other portion is ensuring that the dates the cases were created are within 14 days of each other.  So if there are two or more, can I have a second filter that looks for the dates?

              Any suggestions on that one?

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                Joe Mako

                That is a more complex situation, and you have only provided enough details on your logic to make this an ambiguous question. I would need more details on your business logic, to help you craft a formula to produce your desired results.


                For example, if your data was the following:

                Issue, Serial, Case, Date

                Front, 1234, 5678, 1/1/2012

                Front, 1234, 5678, 1/11/2012

                Front, 1234, 5678, 1/21/2012

                Front, 1234, 5678, 1/31/2012


                What would you expect the result to be?


                Edit: Looking at the sample data you provided, we would need a more representative set of data, because what you have provided does not have more than 1 day between cases.


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                  Allison Suarez

                  For the data below, I would expect to see the groups returned as individual results using the 14 day difference.


                  Issue     Serial    Case     Date

                  Front     1234     5678      1/1/2012

                  Front     1234     5679     1/11/2012


                  Front     1234     5679     1/11/2012

                  Front     1234     5680     1/21/2012


                  Front     1234     5680     1/21/2012

                  Front     1234     5681     1/31/2012