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    How to connect Tableau to MapR M3

    Ernesto Vargas

      I have been trying to connect Tableau with MapR M3 using, as per the drivers page, the MapR ODBC version 1.0 which is currently supported.


      I am downloading the MapR ODBC  from http://package.mapr.com/tools/MapR-ODBC/ and got it install correctly on my system.


      At the ODBC Administration page I have create a data source   pointing to the MapR Hive server,  then click Test button which report TESTS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY !


      Now the part that is *NOT WORKING* occur when I open Tableau Desktop, click on Connect to Data, select Mapr and enter only the server name then click connect,  Tableau just pop up an alert window with the message "Connection to data source" and remains there trying and trying.


      I am also able to connect via telnet at port 10000 to the MapR server.


      Update: I am using the Mapr Hive ODBC Driver

      Update: When I click the Test button on the ODBC, at the hiveserver2 output I do see the connection opening, accesing the default database and then closing the conenction.


      13/04/17 11:35:54 INFO cli.CLIService: SessionHandle [ec2f9f17-7227-4695-8acc-58859c5cfcae]: openSession()
      Hive history file=/tmp/mapr/hive_job_log_mapr_201304171135_570203550.txt


      13/04/17 11:35:55 INFO cli.CLIService: SessionHandle [ec2f9f17-7227-4695-8acc-58859c5cfcae]: closeSession()