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    Double counting with joined tables

    Joshua Otlin

      I am experiencing a problem with double counting and the other solutions on the forum are not helping me.  It may be that I am a fairly basic user or it may be that there are differences in my data.


      I'm analyzing student achievement data.  On one table, each row represents one student and each student has an ID number and then many fields with information about the student and his or her performance on standardized tests.  On the next table, I have information about students (and their ID numbers) and their course schedules at school.  Here's the problem:  on the second table, each row contains information about each course.  In other words, each student has multiple rows associated with him or her (one row for math, one for English, etc.).  As a result, when I try to count how many students scored at a certain level on the standardized test, the total number is many times higher than my actual number of students.