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    Change datasource for single sheet

    Arvind Maheshwari

      I am developing reports using SQL Server. On my local dev environment I have Tableau desktop installed from where I create the reports using my local dev sql server.

      I have Tableau Server which where I can publish my reports. This all works fine but I am not able to change the datasource including database name, username. Is this something related to permission as I am able to see DataConnections but not able to edit on Tableau Server?

      Later on I need to upload/publish these reports on other environments like UAT and PROD which have different Tableau Server and database server.

      Can someone guide me whether I can change connection only through desktop which in case would not be able to me on any application servers which can connect to these database servers. Kindly share your thoughts as how should I approach this problem

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Arvind,


          Are you trying to edit the database of a report that has already been published to Tableau Server? Or are you trying to connect to a Data Server data source?



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            Arvind Maheshwari

            Hi Tracy,


            I need to edit the database of the report so that it start pointign to different database server where database name is same. Credentails used to access data would be different.

            I had published by data source and worksheet both. I need to change the database server so that it start pointing to different server which host the same identical database.

            I donot have acess to those database but my application server where my Tableau Server is installed can access that database.

            I cannot do this process using desktop as no access. Plus i also tried changing the xml but in that case since there is no access to database workbook doe not open and i am not able to publish it again.

            Kindly help me as i need to do something same as we move to UAT and PROD environment.


            Thanks in advance

            Arvind Maheshwari