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    Unusual Cube Hierarchy Filtering

    Felix Chou



      I have this unusual behaviour with my date (also tried with non-date eg:products) hierarchy filter. Initially I only selected Feb and Mar 2013 which give me the correct result but as soon as I check CY 2013 Q1 the output produces an additional strange aggregation as well as my previously selected months. See my screenshot below:


      By the way I am connecting to SSAS 2008r2 cube and using Tableau ver8.


      Tableau Filter Issue.jpg

      Does anybody know whats driving this aggregation as I don't think this is right?




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          Andy Harris

          Hi Felix - I dont think its unusual behaviour because you are selecting two different levels of detail in terms of time period and presenting both in the analysis.


          At the second level of your date hierarchy you only have Feb 2012 and March 2013 and this is displayed in your chart (Feb = approx $12m and Mar $10m). 


          However you then also have CY 2013 Q1 selected so I think you are also going to see the sum of data for the whole quarter. As your data for Feb and March totals somewhere in the region of $22m i would hazzard a guess that Jan totals somewhere around $11m  which is why the column for CY 2013 Q1 shows a total of $33m

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            Felix Chou

            You made a very good point. I came from the MS Excel background and the hierarchy filter works very different compare to this. For instance, when I select the CY 2003 Q1 in Excel it basically auto select all the months within and present to the analysis rather than give an extra subset result.


            I guess I am just barking at the wrong tree however, is there any way I can hide some of the hierarchy level in the filter say I want the user only can select Month only rather than give them a full list Year,Quarter, Month?


            Off the topic, do you know how I can use the relative date filter in this Date filter as I can only see the basic filter options. The reason I asked is because I needed to have a dashboard to show last 2 weeks from the date the dashboard refreshed or possible all the tableau date filtering features.