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    Displaying repeat values in rows

    Manon V

      I am creating a basic report with quite a few dimensions.  I want the values in the rows to be repeated instead of only being shown once at the top.


      For example:


      Prov     City               Employee Type          Name                    ID

      BC     Vancouver       Permanent                 Smith, John          1234

                                                                      Grey, Johanne       5555

                                                                      Brown, Ann           9876

                                     Temporary                 Laudau, Jack          4567

                                                                     Gomez, Sue          2345

                                     Contract                    Smithers, Carol      1235

      BC     Victoria          Permanent                Hung, Jimmy          8765

                                                                    Pire, John               1238

      ON     Toronto          Permanent                Long, Terry              4444

                                                                    Hall, Roger               0989

                                     Temporary                Boyer, Andre          4567

                                                                    Love, Rae              1456


      I want to see all the values in each row in Prov, City, Employee Type, not just the one at the top.