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    Single filter for multiple dates

    Marcus Tolman

      I have a data set that is covering a multi-step process and therefore I have multiple date fields. I would like to have one date filter that applies to all 5 date fields but am not sure how to accomplish this. I would like to have a filter where the user could select "Q1" or "Q2" for example and see all activity that occurred in that quarter across each step.


      From digging around on here it looks like the secret is to set a date parameter and then create a calculated field that you then use as a filter. The only issue is most of the solutions I've seen on here are for one date field only, and I can't seem to figure out the calculated field piece for multiple dates. I feel like there is probably an easy solution that I can't figure out.


      I have attached an example workbook similar to the structure of my original workbook. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.